Welcome to the Joshua 1 Systems Inc. Website!

Joshua 1 Systems Inc. is a hardware and software development house. We manufacture our own line of micro-controller based hardware, produce our own line of system level and application level software, and perform custom hardware and software design for our clients.

We specialize in Ethernet and Internet-Of-Things (IOT) micro-controllers.

Our EthConGateway (ECG) Light Controllers are used worldwide to control holiday display lighting and stage lighting. They allow control of pixels and DMX devices over Ethernet connections using industry standard protocols.

Through this site we provide information on all of our products. ICSP Adapters can be purchased in our eBay store. All other products are currently ordered via email so we can assist the customer with their product selection.

Documentation and tutorials are listed on each individual product's descriptive page as well as through the downloads section.

Pardon our dust. 3 years deep. Finally working on the new website. Please browse ...