Joshua 1 Systems

About Us

Joshua 1 Systems Inc. is a hardware and software development house based in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. We manufacture our own line of microcontroller based hardware, produce our own line of system level and application level software, and perform custom hardware and software design for our clients.

Our president, Edward D. Bryson, has over 40 years of programming experience. His experience includes microprocessor design and programming operating system and application level software in both the private sector and the defense industry. After ten years of operating a local ISP he sold that business and formed Joshua 1 Systems Inc. to pursue microcontroller product development and continue software development.

We have been working for the past year to apply our expertise in software and hardware design to our new line of microcontroller development products. Additional products in the pipeline include consumer oriented microcontroller based products.

Our hardware products are custom manufactured to our strict standards in Southeast Asia.