Contact Us

Contact Us

ICSP Adapters can be purchased on-line in our eBay store.

In order to ensure that the product combination matches your needs we prefer to conduct all other sales via email. Please contact us with your requests via: j1sales@j1sys.com

We will reply with an invoice for simple orders or reply with questions or suggestions for more complex orders. Please be sure to include as much product information as you can. For example: with case or not for some of our products. Please provide a shipping address so we can prepare the invoice and calculate freight.

Our email address for sales inquiries: j1sales@j1sys.com

Our email address for technical inquiries: j1support@j1sys.com

Our postal address is: Joshua 1 Systems Inc., P O Box 18478, Knoxville TN 37928, USA

Our shipping address is: Joshua 1 Systems Inc., 1100 Watercress Drive, Knoxville TN 37918, USA

We alias four different domains to the same emails and website: j1sys.com j1sys.net joshua1systems.com joshua1systems.net