Our products are grouped into several categories. Please click on the menu item on the left to obtain more information on individual products within a category.

We develop and produce an extensive line of products including:

Lighting Controls

We offer an extensive line of lighting controllers and accessories. Our ECG line of products range from small devices driving a single display element to large devices controlling thousands of pixels.

ICSP Adapters

Our ICSP Adapters are a small series of boards with Zero-Insertion-Force (ZIF) sockets designed to make it easy to program Microchip DIP style micro-controllers. We produce 8/14, 20, 28 and 40 pin devices. They are sold individually or in sets. We also are a Value Added Reseller and are authorized to resell authentic Microchip PICkit 2 and PICkit 3 ICSP programmers when bundled with our products.

CNC Controls

We have years of experience both using and developing plug-ins for Mach 3 CNC Software. We are developing Ethernet based motion control and input/output controls for use with CNC machines.


Many of our controllers use Cypress PSoC micro-controllers. We offer development tools and OEM products to speed development and help customers bring designs to market. We can customize existing products or produce custom designs as needed.


Separate software products besides firmware and product support software are listed here. Most of this software is 'Freeware' products developed to enhance existing software with drivers or plug-ins to support industry standard protocols for use with our products or any other device supporting these protocols.