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The ECG-PIXAD8 is a pair of assembled and tested boards. It consists of the ECG-PIXAD8 power/buffer board and an ECG-M32MX controller.

The ECG-M32MX is a powerful 10/100 Ethernet master module. It uses the top of the line 80MHz PIC32MX795F512L processor with 512KB of flash and 128KB of RAM. There is an additional 2MB external SPI flash chip that is used for configuration and can be used for web storage and possibly sequence storage for future expansion under software control. The ECG-M32MX is programmed with our own j1UBL bootloader and the application firmware can be field upgraded via the Ethernet connection without the need of a PIC programmer. In the event of the need to replace the bootloader we are completing a bootupdater module and/or the bootloader can be updated using a PICKit 3 or better. Currently we have been unable to configure a PICkit 2 to program this chip properly.

The ECG-PIXAD8 is an interface adapter that conditions and distributes the signals from the ECG-M32MX to 8 different pixel strings using serial pixel protocols (SPI and Manchester Encoded). The ECG-PIXAD8 includes two separate power buses with bus fuse protection and individual string fuse protection. Each bus is supplied power via high current screw terminals and the strings are provided power and signal through a pluggable terminal strip for each string. The software controls the round-robin sharing of two dedicated SPI channels. Each channel is responsible for serving one group of four strings.

For sequencer Ethernet connectivity the software supports the E1.31 protocol and the ArtNet II protocol. Pixel string protocols are implemented in software. Initial support of WS2801 and LPD6803 is fully functional. Support for TM180X is in final testing and is expected to be finished very soon. Additional protocols can be implemented as demand warrants and time allows.

The software allows for configuration, on a string by string basis, of the string protocol and SPI or ME clock speed to match the users needs. Current string protocols are totally independent. Possible future protocols may require grouping that specific protocol in groups of four.

There will be an initial set of configurable controller effects (null pixels, reverse string, RGB translation, pixel grouping) and more will be added in future updates.

All configuration is done via HTML pages and an optional simpleXML configuration screen is under development to allow for rapid configuration and/or backup and restore of a configuration.

Currently each string is limited to the contents of up to a single universe (170 pixels). Bridging of universes for longer pixel strings is planned for a near future update.

The independent power buses on the ECG-PIXAD8 allow for 5VDC and 12VDC power to be isolated. The power supplied to Group 2 (Strings 5-8) can be routed to supply power for the boards. Configuration jumpers allow for direct connection of a 5VDC supply, connection to a 12VDC->5VDC switching power supply for a 12VDC supply, or isolation from the power bus to allow 5VDC power to be supplied via a connector on the ECG-M32MX. No power supplies are provided with the units but we could provide the same 5VDC units from the ECG-DR4 line if needed.


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