Products -> PSoCentric -> SAK-PROTO

Products -> PSoCentric -> SAK-PROTO

Our initial SAK board is the SAK-PROTO development board. It includes a PSoC 5LP 100pin TQFP processor, a battery backed up DS3234 RTC, a 5V RS485 transceiver, a 3.3V HY28B 2.8" 320x240 RGB LCD w/Touch, microUSB, microSD, reset, versatile power configurations, Qty 10 3.3V I/O signals and Qty 12 5V I/O signals brought out to pluggable 2.54mm screw terminal connectors on the board edges. The board comes preloaded with our versatile Universal Boot Loader (j1UBL) that allows for firmware updates over the microUSB using our extended j1UBL Host or the stock Cypress Bootloader Host, or firmware updates loaded from the microSD card. Using PSoC's versatile I/O pin placement most of the pins can be reallocated to the users digital I/O. Analog I/O functions may be limited by the PSoC's normal restrictions.

The unit includes the board, LCD panel, all plugs and connectors, 3ft USB-A to microUSB cable, microUSB programmer cable.

SAK-PROTO Product Datasheet

Price: $75 each

Introductory Price: $65 each

   USA Domestic via Priority Mail$10
   International via Priority Mail$25
   International via DHL $50 and up

Additional units or other products combined in most shipping with modest or no additional cost.

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