Products -> PSoCentric -> j1Pub

Products -> PSoCentric -> j1Pub

j1Pub is our component library containing all of our public components. Simply install the library somewhere on your system and add j1Pub to your project dependencies and you will have access to all of our components. There are software library and hardware oriented components for use with our development and production hardware.

All components have been tested on PSoC Creator 3.1 SP2. Most software only components should work on PSoC 4 and PSoC 5LP. Only tested on PSoC 5LP. The hardware oriented components only support PSoC 5LP at this time. We will be enhancing them for PSoC 4 support soon.

All components offered AS-IS with no warranty expressed or implied. Please use at your own risk.

   j1Console v1.1Simple serial console functions
   j1Conversion v3.0Our standard binary to text and text to binary conversions
   j1ENC424 v1.0Hardware driver for ENC424 Ethernet chip
   j1FAT32 v1.0FAT32 library functions (read-only)
   j1FreeRTOS_8_2_1 v1.1FreeRTOS 8.2.1 ported to a PSoC component
   j1FS v1.0A simple linear memory read-only file system
   j1Get v1.0Simple buffered character input functions
   j1GFX v1.1Device independent small graphics library
   j1HY28B v1.5HY28B LCD driver component
   j1microSD v1.0microSD driver component
   j1MINIZ v1.0Simple porting of the MINIZ.c zlib source file
   j1Put v1.2Common device independent simple formatted output functions
   j1SpiFlash v1.0SPI driver for external flash storage
   j1Types v3.0Our standard data types header
   j1UBL_ProjectDesign v1.2A containerized project design for a complete j1UBL
   j1UBL v1.2Our enhanced bootloader based on Cypress bootloader component
   j1UBL_XML v1.1XML dictionary and functions for j1UBL XML manipulation
   j1XML v1.1Table driven XML parser

j1Pub is released as a compressed minimal workspace archive from PSoC Creator. It should be unzipped at a user selected location. To use the component library you will just need to add a dependency to the library in your application project.

   j1Pub v1.022 Apr 2015ZIPInitial Release