Products -> PSoCentric -> j1UBL

Products -> PSoCentric -> j1UBL

Our enhanced bootloader host includes support for our extended bootloader features. The user can upload a bootloadable CYACD file, edit the bootloader XML parameters, and connect to a bootloader console. Currently supports USB connections but will have Ethernet functionality added in the near future.

This is a Windows compatible bootloader host. Currently it requires our EXE file and two Cypress supplied DLL's. We are working on a release with a single EXE with all DLL's embedded. At this time we have no plans for other platforms. Once development stabilizes we will release the source code and others can port it to other platforms if needed.

All software offered AS-IS with no warranty expressed or implied. Please use at your own risk.

j1UBL is released as a zip file containing one EXE and two DLL's. They should all be unzipped into a single directory at a user selected location.

   j1UBL v1.022 Apr 2015ZIPInitial Release